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The private practice provides a fully-equipped kitchen for the preparation of meals by parents. There is also a breastfeeding chair in a specially arranged space. At the reception area, the young visitors can make use of fairy tale books, puzzles, drawing books and interactive games which are appropriate and safe for young children whereas there is a library where children can borrow books.


The private practice operates only on the basis of pre-arranged appointments for the reason of assurring the ideal provision of services to both parents and young children and also for the avoidance of mixing sick and non-sick children. Emergency cases are dealt with immediately and are prioritised. Every effort is being made to separate sick children in a special area in order to prevent the spread of infections.


The private practice is in a quiet area which is easily accessible via the urban highway and contains a more than sufficient parking capacity. The building has a spacious lift ideal for parents carrying a baby’s stroller. The internal structures of the building were made with environmentally friendly materials that are children safe.

Paediatrician Dr Ioannis Ritsas provides the most advanced and up-to-date medical services in the entire spectrum of Paediatrics. More specifically, the doctor specialises in the following fields:

  • Prenatal consultation.
  • Breastfeeding support.
  • Breastfeeding consultation in lactating mothers.
  • Home visits to newborns.
  • Home visits to sick children.
  • 24-hour availability and support.
  • Management of emergency cases.
  • Capacity for resuscitation and oxygen administration.
  • Physical examination and drug prescription.
  • Vaccinations and regular follow-up’s.
  • Painless vaccination.
  • Disease prevention.
  • Multidisciplinary teamwork.
  • Co-operation with hospitals and private clinics.
  • Support and follow-up after hospitalisation.
  • Electronic record keeping for medical history and growth charts.
  • Developmental assessment.
  • Developmental screening test (Denver Test).
  • Evaluation of nutrition and assessment of static body growth.
  • Dietary recommendations.
  • First line allergy tests.
  • Learning and behavioural disorders.
  • Assessment of school learning.
  • Private insurance companies.
  • Affiliated with Insurance Institutes.
  • Administration of health certificates for school use and for athletic activities.
  • Blood glucose testing.
  • Arterial blood pressure measurement and use of a special cuff for children of small age.
  • Oxygen saturation measurement with the use of an oxymetry.
  • CRP measurement from capillary blood for the detection of bacterial infections.
  • Streptococcus identification with Strep test.
  • Urine dipstick

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